Install vegetable gardens in yards to maximize space and harvesting potential – can include just
installing, planting of seeds/installing fruit shrubs, planting fruit or nut trees, installing herbs, small
berry bushes, to a full maintenance schedule planting the vegetable garden seeds, and coming
on a weekly schedule to maintain the vegetable garden/fruit/nut trees/shrubs – weeding the
garden beds, planting more seeds for continual harvest, harvesting(and leaving for the client to
enjoy), including installing a watering system.

Full service to allow backyard harvest and self-sufficiency without stress. Only holistic/organic gardening, no sprays/pesticides, only organic compost. Can also install a home composting system to add to the soil in the garden.

Can create the dream garden you’ve always imagined with trellises, boulders, and as much food as possible.

Increases biodiversity, benefits pollinators, improves oxygen quality, and allows self-sufficiency through organic gardening methods – reduces grocery bill.

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