food forest

Food Forests are the new up and coming way to sustain your family with healthy food straight from the yard all year long. By strategically designing hedges and garden spaces to incorporate vegetables, edible shrubs like blueberries, raspberries, and josta berries, or using berries and herbs as groundcovers, trellises with grape or kiwi vines, your neighbor would never even notice you have swapped out the ornamentals for edibles.  We can build and maintain your vegetable gardens to maximize space and harvesting potential – including succession planting, perennial planting, fruit tree planting, to incorporating pollinator planting throughout – the food forest is the most beautiful and rewarding concept to adapt into the yard. You will not only be benefiting from harvests straight from your backyard but this garden theme will be benefiting the local pollinators and the surrounding ecosystem and environment. 

We are happy to maintain your food forest with any of the necessary pruning, harvesting, weeding or maintenance that arises to keep your garden healthy as can be. This is typically only needed about once per month or sometimes more frequently depending on the complexity of the garden.

Always dreamed of having an almond tree and picking your own cherries? Waking up and putting strawberries from the backyard right into your breakfast? Looking to reduce your grocery bill? Become self sufficient! We are here to help move that dream to your reality. Food forests are our specialty and we will go the extra mile to create exactly the space to exceed your expectations!

These will be built using only holistic organic methods and materials, no sprays/pesticides or unnecessary fertilizer, just good organic compost. 

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